Hello there! So, you probably know the whole questioning thing for your gender identity and or sexuality. I've been through that, and it's SUPER stressful. When I started questioning, I was like, "What am I?". I was talking to a friend about 2 crushes on females, (Having only thought of myself as a girl, and straight) and she said I might be Bisexual. I googled the definition to bi, and I was like "Yeah, that's me." i'm pretty easy to jump to conclusions. I came out to my grandma (sorta) and she said I wasn't, and stated that it was just a trend. Well she did get me further into questioning. Then I came to a conclusion I was lesbian. Then a few weeks later I started questioning my gender identity, and I didn't tell my grandma or anyone. I first thought I was genderfluid. then I thought I was Transgender (Male), and then Demiboy, then Agender, Since these were my feelings. Then I decided to come here for help. I'm really glad I made that decision. I now identify as Genderfluid, a term that gradually explains all of these feelings i've had. While all of THAT was happening, I was questioning my gender identity. Until, I faced the fact I was Asexual. Then I found a term (I guess) that described my romantic feelings towards what gender (Biromantic, Male and Female.) I'm still looking for a ideal label, just in case Biromantic doesn't fit. So yeah. that's the story of me. I hope this helps you guys in some way. Love you all. <3 ~Andy

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