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Vosgender is a gender identity in which a person's gender constantly changes to match the gender(s) of people nearby or people interacting with them. It is a form of polygender, genderfluid, and genderflux identity.

Depending on the individual, these changes may be rapid (for instance, when speaking to a woman but then briefly stopping to text a demiboy, the person's gender may immediately change as well), or gradual (the person may still be agender until they have spent several hours with one person and taken on that person's gender). Other vosgender people may experience multiple genders if they are interacting with multiple people, and may shift between bigender, trigender, or polygender as they interact with different numbers of people with different numbers of genders throughout the day.

Vosgender flag.png

The term vosgender dervies from the Latin word vos ("you") + gender.

Vosgender people may use varying pronouns throughout the day (and may simply ask people to use their own pronouns), but it is more common for them to use you/you/your pronouns.

The vosgender flag is based on the genderflux flag, with the addition of the dotted circle, which is used in physics to indicate a vector arrow pointing out of the page towards the reader. This symbolizes the gender of a vosgender person who is holding the flag, because it points towards the person whose gender is being experienced.