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Yuvaroiandri, literally meaning woman who somewhat flows into masculinity, describes people who identify as women, but also feel a partial and innate connection to masculinity or maleness. Yuva is taken from the greek word for woman, roi is the greek word for flow and andri is derived from the greek word for man.

People who are yuvaroiandri identify fully with being a woman and are ok with feminine gendered terms, but also identify and feel deep, innate and unique connection to maleness, without wanting to be referred to as such. Yuvaroiandri may use feminine pronouns or a combination of feminine, gender-neutral and/or masculine pronouns.

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A common experience is loving being referred to with female pronouns or descriptors, while also feeling comfortable with being described with typically masculine terms or compliments, jokingly or seriously (handsome, boyfriend, husband etc.). Similar to this, yuvaroiandri may also prefer being called by feminine pronouns, and enjoy being called by gender neutral terms as well (mx., partner, joyfriend, etc.). Yuvaroiandri do not experience dysphoria with being called feminine terms or being a woman, and they can be any assigned sex at birth. Being yuvaroiandri is not the same as being a "tomboy".